Zooming Is The New Normal

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Like … all other students … my daughter is going to school online. She now does Zoom. Which means that zooming is the new normal.

This isn’t new to her. She did a dual enrollment program in high school, where she could take classes at the community college and receive both college and high school credits. She took her classes online, asynchronously.

Her college major is biology. I can’t wait to figure out how she will dissect animals.

Will I Ever See You IRL Again?

Zooming Is The New Normal
Joe is ready for Zoom-school too.

Meanwhile, college enrollment is down drastically. We’ve also had several schools in Pennsylvania will combine to form larger schools. Some of the decline might be because of the coronavirus, but enrollment has been down for a while now. The school closings (or “consolidation” as it is being called) will lay off hundreds into an already burgeoning unemployment.

Will Zoom be our new normal? Are we going to be adding “zooming” the dictionary now? How will employers — schools — be able to cope in our new normal? What will we give up? What will we gain? Other companies, like Microsoft … and I don’t know who else, are trying to scramble to get their own competitive Zoom-software out on the market to meet the sudden demand for video conferencing, chatting, and text-messages. Instead of photo-bombing, we are now zoom-bombing.

These are all the questions that I’m mulling over recently, as I struggle with my own issues of “bored-itis” aka not being able to do a damn thing except look at my computer screen. WFH … is so not. I’d be fine if I had somewhere to go everyday. But Panera is closed. And Starbucks … is Starbucks.


This book has some good reviews!  Death is in the Details by Heather Sunseri and is free on the Kindle right now.

I recently saw this wonderful act of kindness: Buy my McDonald’s meal, and I’ll help buy you a car. Totally amazing what GoFundMe can do for people in need.

I am still watching How To Get Away With Murder.  Look out for the TV show recap (Season 1) coming up, along with my comments about the legalities of said TV show!

I’ve been obsessed lately with all sorts of legal fiction short stories.  Here’s an entire book of them!  Legal Briefs, edited by William Bernhardt.  Love the name!

I do a lot of volunteering for our service men and women, and I really like writing letters … especially to our Navy personnel. I love sending Joe’s picture out of him in his Navy outfit!

I am releasing my short story titled “The Bullet” — free — to everyone on the mailing list, as well as those who sign up to the mailing list, soon-ish. Watch for the free download! I’d love feedback from all my newsletter readers. For those who want haunted lawyers, this story might be right up your alley.

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