Super Cool Ideas for Dog Halloween Costumes

Here are some cute ideas for dog Halloween costumes that you can still order from Amazon – just in time for trick or treating! Dressing up isn’t just for you humans, we dogs love to participate in the Howl-o-week fun too.  (Just don’t give us any chocolate, okay!)  Or, just dress up any day, any month. Because we pups are super cute no matter what!

I love getting dressed up, and the MOM loves taking pictures of me getting all dressed up.  I know I would be really cute in any of these outfits.  So here is some inspiration for you!  Send me a DM @joepawdog if you want me to feature your funny costume on my Instagram account!

All of these ideas for dog Halloween costumes aren’t just for Halloween – they can be used at any time!

Joe’s List for Ideas for Dog Halloween Costumes

Here are some cute ideas for dog Halloween costumes that you can still order from Amazon - just in time for trick or treating! Or, just dress up any day, any month. Because we pups are super cute no matter what. #joepawdog#bostonterriercommunity#bostonterriers#bostonterriersrock#bostonterrierlove#bostonterrierclub#bostonterriersrule#bostonterrieroverload#bostonterrierpuppy#bostonterrierpics#bostonterriersforever#bostonterrierforever#bostonterrieraddict#bostonterrierpuppies#ボストンテリア#ボステリ #bostonterrierofinstagram#보스턴테리어#squishyface

Please make sure your doggy is safe and happy on Halloween!

UPS Delivery Doggy

I laugh so hard when I see an Insta-pic or Insta-vid of a doggy in this outfit.  It comes in a variety of sizes, from extra-small to large.  I bet you could get extra cred by having your dog deliver candy in that box …


  • Your dog will definitely have great Instagram vids.
  • This has got to be one of the cutest outfits that I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Your doggy will move the box, just like he’s delivering it, with the costume.


  • Cheaply made. Don’t expect a long term outfit.
  • Ill-fitted.  I had to hand-sew a couple of spots to make it fit correctly.
  • No extra-large size for our big doggy friends.

[sv slug=”b01e0dxblm”]

Panda Puppy Dog

Hey! I kinda like this black & white thing that the panda has going on … I mean, it’s a panda, so it’s automatically awesome, amirite?


  • It’s a panda.
  • Been on Shark Tank.  And sharks are cool.  And scary.
  • Good quality.
  • Another “walker” costume, so the hands flap back and forth, making this super funny.


  • Tough to get on your puppy.
  • Confusing to put on.

[sv slug=”b075qzv33c”]

Walking Teddy Bear

Another bear for your collection.  Turn your doggy into this cute teddy bear.


  • It’s a teddy bear.  Need I say more?
  • Great for dogs with brown coloring.
  • Well-made, if you can get over the problems with production.


  • LOTS of problems with production – Amazon has TONS of complaints about feet being sewn on backwards, costumes arriving with missing teddy bear parts, etc.
  • Some people have problems fitting their dog.

[sv slug=”b01c4k93tw”]

ROOOOOAR!  Doggy Lion


  • Only one piece to fit over the head, since it’s a faux-fur mane.
  • A very easy costume for your dog.


  • Really only good for medium-to-large dogs like Golden Retrievers.
  • Easy for the dog to pull off since it’s like a wig.
  • Some people have issues with it being not fluffy enough.

[sv slug=”b07wp7mx2z”]

Holy Moly!


  • Don’t you know that all dogs go to heaven?
  • His holy eminence, the poop (or is that pope?) is sure to give lots of royal kisses on Halloween.
  • Easy to put on and lightweight.


  • Lots of people have issues with the velcro on the hat.
  • Many complaints about the sizing – the XS is too big.

[sv slug=”b00cbmx1ec”]



  • An extremely simple costume for picky dogs.
  • A classic Aalloween costume, so you can reuse it year after year.


  • Only comes in small and medium.
  • Could annoy dogs that have pointy ears.

[sv slug=”b07v45tftr”]


Your doggy will be the cutest cowboy or cowgirl around!  The pants of the outfit fit inside the front paws.


  • Comes in XS to L sizes.
  • Your kitty cat can get in on the action as well, as it is made for both dogs and cats.


  • It’s really a cat costume, so the sizes run small.  A large is not for a large dog.
  • It’s for a cat.  Which means he’ll be a jerk.  You were warned.

[sv slug=”b0711h3rb6″]

Bandana Tuxedo

Let’s make something very clear.  I’m already the best-dressed dapper dude in the world, so I don’t have any need for this.  But for those of you doggy who don’t have the dressing skills of James Bond, I show you this bandana.


  • Your dog won’t be as stylish as me, but you can at least try.
  • Easy to get on, as it is just a tie-on bandana.
  • Good quality.


  • None.

[sv slug=”b07cmsccrm”]

Wonder Woman

Your wonderful dog can now be even more wonderful, with DC Comics’s officially sponsored pet costume!


  • It’s officially sponsored, so it’s authentic.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.


  • Really only good for female dogs.
  • The stars can be off depending on your dog’s sizing.
  • You can’t see a full star.

[sv slug=”b00c6uwyre”]

Be a Bull … Dog

A great set of horns if you wanna play a Viking dog, or just be a fabulously real bull dog, just like me!


  • Great also for the winter, so you can get two different uses out of it.
  • Nice and warm if you are going trick or treating.


    • It’s knitted, so keep that in mind.
    • The horns can turn sideways during movement, which is annoying.

[sv slug=”b01l82n30m”]

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What are your ideas for dog Halloween costumes?

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