Small Acts of Kindness

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Let’s do some small acts of kindness for each other. Cuz no one else is gonna.

In a million years, I never thought we would have a lockdown of our country. I thought that even a zombie apocalypse would be more likely. This pandemic has created or enhanced psychosocial problems.

Let’s Take Care of Each Other

Kindness, on the other hand, has a positive benefit on your mental health. Kindness can be an antidote to isolation.

small acts of kindness
Joe is super kind … kind to his cat. By not eating him.

In my mind, the formula is quite simple. Help yourself by helping others. This also applies to yourself. Give yourself some kindness! It’s not impossible, either. Small things really do make a difference. If you need more inspiration, check out this article about small ways to be kind.

Sometimes, I just call someone else, especially someone who might be lonely or having a hard time dealing with the pandemic. I’ve called all of my co-workers, for example. If I don’t have a ton of time, I will send a text message or an email. This is great for multiple reasons — I’m doing an act of kindness, but I’m also reaching out and curing some of my own isolation.

Be good to yourself in these times. Be good to others.

Let me know: what do you do to be kind to yourself and others? Let’s flood the internet with wonderfulness.

Here’s another: Giving away free eye exams. Because seeing is believing.


Girl in Trouble by Stacy Claflin has been on my to-do reading list for a while now, and it’s free on the Kindle. Speaking of reading to-do lists, Mistaken Identity by Lisa Scottoline is on mine. Lisa is hailed the female “John Grisham” (even though I hate, hate, hate these type of women comparisons to men). I’ve read a few of her other Rosati books before, and I liked them.

The House of the Witch on Netflix. Because I’m still not over Halloween. As if anyone could be over Halloween. Hello.

Eat more avocadoes. I’m convinced that they are secret sauce to being a centurion. And that’s the ultimate kindness, your bad-ass self around for 100 years.

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