Let’s All Be Crabby

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Eating crabs makes me crabby. Let’s all be crabby together. Them pinchies are delicious.

Move Over, Spongebob Squarepants

Let's All Be Crabby - Eating crabs makes me crabby. Let's all be crabby together. Them pinchies are delicious.
All you can eat crabs at Buddy’s in Annapolis, MD. The original image wouldn’t upload to my website server. It was being crabby. So I used a stock photo from Pixabay.

During our trip to Annapolis, my husband and I did a bunch of tourist-type things, like the 40-minute boat cruise around Annapolis harbor and the ghost walking tour. We also ate crabs. Lots and lots of crabs.

Now, being a Massachusetts girl, I love lobster. It took me nearly forever to recognize the existence of crabs except perhaps for Mr. Krabs. I didn’t quite understand Old Bay Seasoning. I mean, what the what. I don’t gets it.

Then, something magical happened.

I realized that I liked crabs.

Maryland is known for their blue crabs, which comes in a hard shell and a soft shell variety. Actually, as I learned on my harbor cruise tour, they are the same crab, just different stages of crabbiness. Sorry, but I haven’t migrated over to soft shell just quite yet. Just the thought, okay?

I also loved the haunted-ness of Annapolis! Did you know that the streets were paved over a cemetery, so much that when the road construction crews do digging, they are constantly finding bodies! I wrote down a lot of notes during my tour for future scary short stories.

Happenings, I Mean Hauntings …

Make sure you tip. But maybe not a $700 tip. Unless, of course, you want to. I guess this stuff really does happen.

I’m watching The Lincoln Lawyer (the movie), and I’m reading The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelley. I seriously loved the Bosch show — Titus Wellington is awesome in this show — so I wanted to read Connelley’s other books. Normally, I wouldn’t read a legal thriller from a non-attorney, but he does a good job. Only one instance so far that I’ve rolled my eyes as unbelievable. At least he does a better job at legal realism than, say, John Grisham.

I’m just going to come right out and say this. Public schools need to get their sh*t together with this coronavirus. I understand we live in strange times, but you’ve had more than six months to come up with a contingency plan. As a result, charter schools have seen a huge spike in enrollment as parents actually want their kids to learn. Parents, let me know how you are dealing with educating your children during the pandemic.

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