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My Life With Joe - Mudders Day

My Life With Joe
Because we are those people.

We decided to break our tradition of going out for breakfast on Mother’s Day. We came up with a plan to serve breakfast … and chocolate fondue … at the house. Because, tbh, I wasn’t sure if we could afford to go out to eat anymore. All the prices! I have a real thing about tipping to begin with.*
Joe has his backpack on to carry his water and bowl.
Joe has his backpack on to carry his water and bowl.
So my usual method of not dealing with tipping is … to not go out to eat. I can’t tip if I don’t go out, right?
By the way, we recently went out for dinner with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law … and the restaurant puts in very small print at the bottom of our receipt that we have a credit card upcharge. You can guess where we will never return.
At any rate, breakfast was wonderful. I mean, chocolate. And fruit. And lots of carbs.**
Afterward, we decided to go for a beautiful walk on a rail trail. And because I am strange, I took several pictures of Joe in some random field. We made him carry his own water, which he never, ever drinks. He could be in the Sahara, and he still wouldn’t notice that he has a water bowl right in front of him.
The best part was that it was Mother’s Day. So The Kid graced us with her presence, and she also didn’t complain about it. My husband has no choice.***
* Let me just be very clear here that I usually tip 20% plus rounded up to the dollar. But that still doesn’t mean that I want to.
** Mine was even gluten-free. Hooray for gluten-free food bloggers!
*** You may believe that this is because he gets to do what he wants on Father’s Day, but, no.
The Book Promos
The Amulet Society by S.H. Steele is free! This is a paranormal espionage thriller, featuring “Team Chimera,” three elite agents. Can they learn to work together to save the supernatural world?
Deadwood Hotel by Peyton Dinwiddie is now 99 cents, or free with the Kindle Unlimited. This is a murder mystery featuring P.I. Marcus Lynette, who tries to figure out the darkness that surrounds Deadwood.
Savannah Savior by E.H. Vick is free! It’s the prequel to the Meredeth Connelly Mind Hunt Series. The killer is crafty and smart … dumping women in the Savannah River. But she’s hunting him. And she will find him, one way or another.
Witch’s Jewel by Kater Cheek is free! Can Kit Melbourne keep her uncle’s magical heirloom safe? An urban fantasy.
Book Giveaways …
Up first we have Women’s Lighthearted Fiction Freebies. This is an all-genre giveaway, so plenty to read for everyone.
We also have May’s Unusual Mysteries and Suspense giveaways. Lots of paranormal thrillers here, my friends.
I’ve become obsessed with watching k-dramas on Netflix. I’m currently watching A Korean Odyssey, which is written as 화유기 (Hwa-Yu-Gi) in Korean. The title in Korean is quite complex, but it means something like a journey of flowers (or fire). You can watch it on Viki, which you can watch with subtitles in both Korean and English if you’d like.
I’m not sure if I announced this blog post yet, but I made 40+ cool Mother’s Day crafts. I’m a little late about it … but this newsletter is about Mother’s Day, amirite?
With love,
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