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My Life With Joe - Leggo My Legos

My Life With Joe
Apparently, Legos are the super loot for thieves. That’s because the little plastic building blocks are worth a lot, enough to probably have a Lego black market. This is perhaps not new news, but it’s news to me, mostly because I actively avoid anything newsworthy. Seriously, though, I can see why these things are being stolen. They are expensive. I looked them up on Amazon, and this Lego in a ship bottle is like $70. And I have no idea why they are so expensive. The news blames the coronavirus, so I guess that’s now fact. Because everything the news says it a fact. #NotFakeNews
Legos do not make good dog toys, as they are a choke hazard. They also make dog owners choke too as each Lego may or may not be worth $100 each. That’s one expensive doggy toy. I opted to give Joe a Mr. Krabs instead.
Legos do not make good dog toys, as they are a choke hazard. They also make dog owners choke too as each Lego may or may not be worth $100 each. That’s one expensive doggy toy. I opted to give Joe a Mr. Krabs instead.
The New Gold
These iconic little toys have a great resale value, so much that they have a better return on investment than gold. This is great news for old people, like me, who remember when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I bet you anything, Legos probably would have been a hit with the T-Rex despite his teeny weeny little arms. Just the thought of a T-rex putting together a Star Wars Lego ship is too funny.
Also, shove over, Barbie, you obnoxious blockheaded bimbo. Your #1 spot is being taken by … little blocks.
Then, of course, we have the Lego movies, which, even if you don’t like Legos, are hilarious. My favorite is the Lego Batman movie. Legos and super heroes. What could be better.
But anyway, about me being old. That’s the thing about being old. You tend to see things come into fashion again. If you are really, really old, you probably see things comes into fashion multiple times. Except ‘80s hair. That can die in a slow, hairspray-infused death.
I have now seen My Little Ponies, Transformers, G.I. Joes, and the Smurfs all become popular again. In clothing, we have high-waisted pants and bell bottoms. Beards and now mustaches are en vogue. Maybe Legos never went out of style. Maybe they were always iconic … valuable … and awesome all rolled into one little brick. (Although, they did almost go bankrupt in 2004.)
So, why are they so popular during the COVID lockdown? I, for one, love seeing what people make with them, and given the number of Instagram posts featuring what others are building, I can that others like seeing them too. Some of these creations are worthy of sculpture-status, although I doubt anyone would put one up in Times Square, mostly because it’s in NYC and it would probably get stolen by Lego thieves.
The bigger question is, what will happen to Legos once COVID restrictions ease up? My suggestion is that you hold on to them for when they become popular again. Just don’t let anyone else know they are up in the attic, collecting dust.
The Book Promo
I’m super excited this newsletter to announce the book giveaway Psychic Thrillers. As the name implies, they are thrillers that are somehow about the supernatural.
I finished reading A Time To Kill and started reading Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind. Terry writes the Legend of the Seeker books, of which this is book #5. I just happened to finish book #4 a long while ago, and this one was on sale. For those who want to jump into a fantasy series, most of the books are on Kindle Unlimited.
And some news! The husband and I finally got a house! We are in the process of finishing off about two billion to-do items so we can close. This means that most of my plans for the site and newsletter are on hold, but not to worry. I will be returning to it soon enough. I know you are all waiting with bated breath.
One of those said plans for the site and newsletter will be two new short stories, just for my newsletter subscribers. One will be a longer piece, about Joe, written in the same style as the newsletter. Another will be another short story about Charlotte Watson.
With love,
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