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My Life With Joe
For the last few days, I have looked up beach properties on Zillow. Not because I want to move, but I’ve seriously been considering hiding away for, like, a year. (Maybe longer.) All in an attempt to avoid my life.
This is how Joe and his cat avoid life. It's called napping.
This is how Joe and his cat avoid life. It's called napping.
Avoidance Is The Best Medicine
This week’s newsletter will be a bit shorter. In all seriousness, I’m giving myself some grace.
Newest readers may not know the troubles that I’ve had over the last few months. My daughter got into a fairly traumatic car accident, and then my best friend just passed away after a month long struggle in the hospital.*
According to, there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. (The site also lists a sixth one: meaning.)
FYI, they have a photo of a beach right on that page. They are all but telling me to buy a beach house. Just think about how easy it would be to go through all these stages if I had one.
I’ve struggled for a while with finishing my book, Girl Scorned. But no matter what I did, my friend was one of my biggest cheerleaders. She believed in me, and she knew that one day I would finish.
So, while all my emotions play within those five stages of grief, part of me has jumped straight to the meaning. I choose to believe that she was telling me to finish.
* Made so much worse because of the horrible doctors at this hospital, which may or may not be UPMC in Harrisburg CTICU. Absolutely zero compassion along with a general nasty attitude.
The Book Promos
The first book is Hanging House by Dean Rasmussen, available for the Kindle Unlimited. This book is an unsolved murder wrapped up with a reluctant psychic. Just my stuff!
Next, we have The Lie She Told by Catherine Yaffe, a crime thriller. This book is about Kate Ward and her young son Joe, escaping her past abusive relationship.
The first giveaway is Powerhouse Thrillers and Suspense … and all-thriller book giveaway.
And finally, we have Murder & Mayhem, a book giveaway!
I’m currently watching Beaches.
This week on the blawg, I did a book review of Abiding Conviction by Stephen M. Murphy. This is a legal thriller about Dutch Francis, a sole practitioner married to Ginnie. Ginnie gets kidnapped … all the while, Dutch is defending Judge Garcia.
In next newsletter, I will have a new bunny stuffie sewing pattern, but here is 40+ bunny Easter crafts for you.
With love,
This newsletter was written in loving memory of Cheryl Stevens. Your heart was like the sunrise at the beach.
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