Fun Things To Do With Your Dog Inside

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This past week has been some pawful thunder showers, so that means the MOM cannot do things with me outside. She’s not very imaginative, either, at least when it comes to adoring me. So I told her to go find some fun things to do with your dog inside, so she can spend some quality time with me. Here’s what she came up with.

Here's some fun things to do with your dog inside, so you can spend quality time together if it's raining, snowing, or just plain coronavirus-ing outside.

Image by Thula nakk from Pixabay

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home

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  • Read some memes about dogs. Okay, that’s not something to do together, but it’s just funny.
  • Give your dog a pedicure. Or is that dog-icure?
  • Or just cut her nails.
  • Or brush his teeth!
  • Have your dog watch you as you put treats in different spots (he does know how to “wait,” right?) and then have him go find them all!
  • Play the shell game with him, where you put a treat underneath three cups and then switch them up.  See if he can guess the right one.
  • Treat an old dog a new trick.
  • Stuff a kong.
  • Play tug o’ war.
  • Play fetch. Bonus if it’s up and down the stairs.
  • Or down a long hallway.
  • Give your dog a massage.
  • Give your dog a bath. Okay, she’s on a time out for suggesting this one.
  • Create an indoor obstacle course.
  • Make a new dog toy. Get crackin’ on this one.
  • Teach your dog to pick up her own toys.
  • Get on the treadmill with your dog.
  • Or work out together, like doggy yoga.
  • How about a puppy playdate?
  • Go shopping at a pet store because they let you take your doggy with you.
  • Watch dogs on YouTube. I love to bark at other dogs!
  • Or watch some Netflix. Because snuggling on the couch is a pawesome way to spend the afternoon.
  • Play dress up. Have a costume show!
  • And for dog’s sake, record it and post it on Instagram!
  • Take lots of photos of your doggy.
  • Sleep. Sleep is pawesome.
  • Cook up a great meal together.
  • Bake some doggy treats.
  • Warm yourselves in front of a fire.
  • Or a heater.
  • Or underneath a warm comforter.
  • Give your dog some kisses! The bestest one of them all!

Final Thoughts on Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home Inside

Do you have any more ideas on some fun things to do with your dog inside? If so, please leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by.

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