FFXIV Ul’dah Quest Chain

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Level 1: Coming to Ul’dah

Upon starting a class that begins in the city of Ul’dah (Gladiator, Pugilist, and Thaumaturge), you encounter Wymond.  He tells you that you need to talk to Momodi at the Adventurer’s Guild.  Fortunately, you are right outside where you need to be.  Walking up the stairs and inside will lead you to the Quicksand Proprietress.  She’s quite the chatterbox, and she’ll tell you about the conflict with the Amalj’aa and the Garlean Empire.  You can also witness a debt collector beating up some poor sap, to which Momodi just giggles. What have you walked into?

Level 1: Close to Home

Momodi wants you to do a few things so that you can get used to being an adventurer. First, you have to attune to the aetheryte, which is a big crystal-like thing in the middle of the town. It’s a convenient way to teleport around to places. Next, you should visit your class guild. Finally, you should visit Sapphire Avenue Exchange, which is the place to buy all sorts of things. Along the way, you can grab a bunch of aether crystals to teleport quickly around Ul’dah. For the last task, Momodi hands you a letter to give to Seseroga. One final piece of advice she gives you: make sure to talk to the people of Ul’dah, such as the Smith. They often have chores and other quests you can do for some side gil.

Once you attune to the Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza Crystal, you are stopped by Nenebaru. He first tries to swindle you out of 100,000 gil but then kindly explains how to use the crystals. Be sure to pick up crystals where you may see them on your adventures, and you can always cast the “Return” spell to be taken to wherever you set your home point.  You don’t need to set Ul’dah as your home point since it’s already your home point. But you can change your home point to any of the big crystals.

You then visit your class guild, and you meet the Guild Receptionist. This person gives you a long speech about the important of your class and then asks for you to join the guild.

Once at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange, you meet Seseroga, who introduces you to the market.

You then return to Momodi to report on your tour of Ul’dah.

Level 4: We Must Rebuild

Momodi would like you to meet Papashan at the Ul’dah Dispatch Yard, in Central Thanalan.  Papashan tells you of the Calamity five years ago, in which Ul’dah needed to rebuild from.

Level 5: Nothing to See Here

Papashan is worried about the sentries dispatched to the Ul’dah Dispatch Yard because the hot days and cold nights can wreak havoc on one’s mind. He wants you to give them twilight pretzels to 3 of the patrols. The patrols appreciate the pretzels. You report back to Papashan, who seems almost disappointed that nothing has happened.

Level 5: Underneath the Sultantree

FFXIV Ul'dah Quest Chain - Upon starting a class that begins in the city of Ul’dah (Gladiator, Pugilist, and Thaumaturge), you encounter Wymond.  He tells you that you need to talk to Momodi at the Adventurer’s Guild.  Fortunately, you are right outside where you need to be.  Walking up the stairs and inside will lead you to the Quicksand Proprietress.  She’s quite the chatterbox, and she’ll tell you about the conflict with the Amalj'aa and the Garlean Empire.  You can also witness a debt collector beating up some poor sap, to which Momodi just giggles. What have you walked into?
Lady Lilira praying near the sultantree. Who knows why noblewomen run off? She can take a great temper tantrum like one, though.

Papashan kinda mislead you … it seems that a young noblewoman named Lady Lilira went missing, and he used the pretzel thing as a way for you to find out more information from the sentries. He needs you to help him find her near the Sultantree.  You find Lady Lilira praying near the tree, but someone else has also found her. He mentions an aetheric disturbance. He tells you to return to the Papashan, but before you can, you are ambushed by a Blanga. This monster calls for some reinforcements. After the fight, you find a crystal, where you are sent into some kind of dream. Inside the dream, you meet Hydaelyn, who tells you that the power to banish the darkness lays within the Crystals, which you can activate by your good deeds because the light lives within you. Upon waking up, the handsome stranger and Lady Lilira are standing nearby discussing the Blanga – a voidsent. They wonder who sent it, and they turn to you to ask about your dream. Lady Lilira then takes a temper tantrum as the handsome stranger asks you to escort her back to safety. Returning to Papashan, Lady Lilira apologizes for causing so much worry. Oh, he mentions that the handsome stranger is Thancred, a scholar who is studying the aether.

Level 6: Step Nine

Cicidoa has purchased a prodigiously plug pumpkin and wishes to present it to the owner of the Coffer & Coin as a way to repay a favor. He wants you to pick the pumpkin from Gagari and deliver it to the Roger at the Coffer & Coin.

Level 8: Prudence at This Junction

Roger says the Black Brush Station is undermanned, and a man named Warin needs to hire a few people. But before you can help, Warin requires to outfit yourself properly. You may do so at the Independent Armorer located conveniently nearby.

Level 9: Out of House and Home

Warin needs you to go into the tunnel and lure out the coblyns that love to hide. These pesky beasts are munching on the ore that comes through.

Level 9: Way Down in the Hole

Zuzumeda heard that a man named Wystan is looking to hire some able-bodied adventurers to escort his prospectors. Wystan wants to secure exclusive excavation rights of a vast, untapped vein of ore beneath the ruins of Sil’dih. Turns out, the team has already left. But Wystan would like you to give ginger cookies to some starving children who have been pestering him.

After giving the cookies, Wystan tells you his plans of starting a mining company and being an honest employer to the refugees of the Calamity. He invites you to join him.

Good thing you did, too, because Wystan got his rear end kicked by the Syndicate. During the last phase of the ass kickery, you hear some mysterious voice summons a clay golem. This mysterious person seems quite impressed that you were able to defeat said golem, too. Before running off, the Lord Lolorito.

Lo and behold, Thancred shows up. You are sent into this flashback, featuring Thancred flirting with some women and overhearing a conversation about another caravan being attacked. That caravan was full of crystals. You hear the word primal being dropped. You learn that the crystals are weakening. “The Scions are counting on you”,” Thancred muses to himself.

Thancred states that he was following up on an aetheric disturbasnce. Turns out, you are in the middle of it.

Back at the Coffer & Coin, Wystan tells you that he is going to run like a scared school child from Lord Lolorito. He’ll keep your name out of the involvement to help protect you, though. And he suggests you go back to Momodi to ask her advice. She tells you not to worry, that Wystan is a damn fool for going up against Lord Lolorito. She suggests taking your feet up at the Inn and then asking about leves to earn some extra coin.

Level 10: Takin’ What They’re Givin’

Momodi tells you that a man named Dadanen at the Horizon in Western Thanalan needs a hand. She lets you know that you can hire a chocobo at the porter if you’ve got the gil.

Level 10: Supply and Demands

Dadanen needs you to go to Copperbell Mines and find Drunken Stag. His order is late, and his reputation is on the line! Drunken Stag says that the mines are closed due to some incident.

Level 10: Give It to Me Raw

Dadanen needs you to retrieve the raw Nashacite that he dropped outside the mines. Some coblyns attacked him, and he had to flee. You of course get attacked by some Prism Coblyns when you try to retrieve the Nashacite from the Ore Mounds.

Level 11: The Perfect Swarm

Drunken Stag appreciates finding the Nashacite, so he tells you that the brass blades have been paying adventurers to kill sun midges that have been harassing travelers along the road connecting the mines to Horizon. You return to Fufulupa, who gives you your reward.

Level 11: Last Letter to Lost Hope

Fufulupa is pen pals with Captain Leofric stationed at Lost Hope, but he hasn’t received a reply to his last letter. He thinks something may have happened to the courier. He wants you to check the road to Black Brush Station in Central Thanalan. Once you meet up with the courier, Seseli, you learn that his chocobo has been injured. He gives you the letter to deliver. Once delivered, you learn that poor Leofric is not a captain (as he was demoted), he was transferred to a godsforsaken Lost Hope, and everything sucks.

Level 12: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

He cannot get directly involved because of the refugees, so Leofric asks you to deal with a bunch of outlaws in Quiveron Manse. Their leader proclaimed himself a baron. You have trouble getting to the spot since it is well guarded by bandits. Upon returning to Leofric, he tells you that he was demoted because he refused to help make the wealthy wealthier.

Level 12: Passing the Blade

Leofric wants you to return to Fufulupa and give him an old, ornamental dagger that belongs with the Brass Blades of the Rose. Fufulupa is in disbelief that Leofric gave him the dagger as only the captain of the Brass Blades of the Rose can have it. He vows to keep it safe until Leofric can return for it.

Level 13: Following Footfalls

Fufulupa tells you that the thaumaturges from the Ossuary are surveying the Footfalls for some ancient relics. However, the area is dangerous, and Captain Baldewyn sent only a bare bones entourage to assist. Fufulupa wants you to speak to Totoruna and assist. Your help, though, is not needed. Totoruna says that Fufulupa’s “got a stick up his arse the size of a sabotender.”

Level 13: Storms on the Horizon

Nunuzofu wants you to deliver a message to Raffe at the Crescent Cover to deliver a bounty of fresh fish to the Horizon. Captain Baldewyn is planning a fancy feast for the thaumaturges. Raffe tells you have he’s had a poor catch lately due to the rough seas, but he will try his best.

Level 14: Oh Captain, My Captain

While at Crescent Cove, you meet Merilda. She tells you of a conspiracy to collect stolen Nasachite from Copperbell Mines. The bandits will meet at Footfalls. But before she can continue, Fufulupa interrupts that the Brass Bandits must act! However, Captain Baldewyn is working with the bandits!

As you go talk to the Captain, Fufulupa rushes up to tell him about the bandit activity when he spots one of the bandits, Ser Baron von Quiceron IV Esquire. The Captain tells Fufulupa that Lord Lolito is the bad guy working with the bandits. Serve and protect? Ha! The Baron notices you, and since you killed his brother, they all seem to want to return the favor.

Level 14: Secrets and Lies

After investigating the Captain’s corruption, Fufulupa discovers a letter addressed to a man named Owyne, who is a Sultansword elite. He asks you to take the letter to Momodi because she is a staunch supporter of the sultana and acquainted with the Sultansword. When you bring the letter, it seems that Momodi has an inkling of what the letter is all about … and she has a bad feeling about it.

Level 14: Duty, Honor, Country

Owyne was supposed to guard the royal crown, but it was stolen on his watch. So you need to deliver the letter to him. He beseeches you to escort him to give in the ransom for the crown. You rendevous with him at the Unholy Heir in Central Thanalan. But it seems that Owyne has traded The Traders’ Spurn, which has a ton of power to bring down all of Ul’dah. And Garibald the thief brings in a ton of reinforcements. When all seems lost, Papashan and his crew come to save the day! They run off to finish off some more bandits. A mysterious Masked Mage comes to summon another creature. Just when you’ve almost finished it off, Thancred comes to help the fight. As he is dying he says “Paragons” otherwise known as the Ascians.

Upon returning to speak with Papashan, you learn that he was a Sultansworn. You also get to meet her majesty herself, Nanamo Ul Namo. She’s so grateful that you returned her crown that she invites you to a feast. You meet Raubahn Aldynn, who is basically her right hand man.

Level 14: A Matter of Tradition

Owyne practically drools at your invitation, and he warns you that you must follow some protocol for the feast. You are tasked to returning to Momodi, who has turned out to be the all-around person to know just about everything. Basically, you need to wear some earrings that are actually part of a security measure, so you head over to the Goldsmiths’ Guild to get them. They come in a box, which of course Momodi is the only person authorized to open.

Level 14: A Royal Reception

Momodi tells you how to get to the feast, which is held in the Fragrant Chamber at the Royal Promenade. You are sure to wear your new earrings. Raubahn, ever the light-hearted, tells you that while you enjoy your feast, children starve out in the streets of Ul’dah. While he speaks to you, a light from within your pocket winks … it’s the crystal that you picked up. Raubahn wants to know if you are troubled by strange dreams of the Crystal. He tells you that you are a Warrior of Light, familiar to him like the warriors who fought five years ago. Flash in a dream, where you see the fate of five years ago. The leaders of the three nations stand together as terror and ashes reign down upon them. You wake up at the Quicksand inside an inn room, where Momodi makes you feel badly that you passed out. Raubahn wants to see you.

Level 15: The Ul’dahn Envoy

Raubahn wants you to take letters to the other two allied nations of Limsa Lominsa and Gridania, because he wants to have a memorial feast (what is it with these feasts???) to celebrate the five years since the Calamity. But he says you are a slow poke, and he wants you to take the airships. After a pep talk from Momodi, you board the airship. Everyone gives you a send-off. And if it wasn’t obvious by now, the “Lady” that you rescued underneath the sultanatree was Nanamo Ul Namo.

You see a creepy doomsday-type of events of the “Garlean Empire”.” The dude speaking in all these riddles is Lord van Baelsar. Some engineer dude questions the plans, and a guy named Nero tol Scaeva sneaks up on his convo. Bye bye, engineer.

Meanwhile, you land in Limsa Lominsa. You are told that Admiral Merlywb Bloefhiswyn awaits your arrival. She tells you that Bahamut basically destroyed everything, and the beastman call upon their primals to do the same. Let’s not forget about the Garlean Empire. Once you are ready (after grabbing that Aetheryte, of course!), you head back to the airship landing again. Off to Gridania you go.

Once in Gridania, you head to the Conjurers’s Guild (of course, grabbing the Aetheryte!). The Silent Conjurer (who, as it turns out, is not silent), brings you to Kan-E-Senna, the Elder Seedseer. She gives you a bit of history on the Garlean Empire — whose emperor, Solus zos Galvus, built the Empire in a lifetime by making use of magitek. But he’s ill, and a man named Legatus Gaius van Baelsar runs his army now.

Level 15: Call of the Sea

A Serpeant Officer tells you that Baderon, the proprietor of the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa, needs some help.

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