Can Dogs Get The Coronavirus?

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It has been a tough time over the last few months. Lock downs, job losses, Call of Duty Mobile stopped supporting Zombie Mode. It started off so well with Tiger King and Animal Crossing to keep us busy, but things quickly grew tedious and we began counting the days when we could get back to normal. Thankfully things are slowly returning to some semblance of normality. Myself and the family are pretty clear on what we need to do to protect ourselves from the virus, but what about my adorable Labrador retriever, Trevor? Can dogs get the coronavirus? Can dogs pass the coronavirus on to humans or other animals?

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What Is Coronavirus In Dogs?

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This time has been particularly difficult for our furry little friends. Trevor has been my family’s rock throughout. He picks us up when we are down, comforts us when we are sad, and makes us pick up his poop when he thinks we are getting too big for our britches.

But underneath his warm exterior, I can see this is affecting him too. He has been taken for so many walks, so many times, by so many people that the sound of his leash is no longer met with excitement, but more a look of “Dear God not again.” A dog who was once ecstatic to see me every time I came home now treats me with the same level of enthusiasm you would distant family members coming for a visit. “I’m happy to see you, but HOW LONG are you going to be staying?” (If you need more things to do for your dog.)

COVID-19 And Your Dog

We do have rules for humans, but they don’t necessarily lend themselves to the canine world.

6 Foot Social Distancing For Dogs?

I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble getting Trevor to keep his nose out of every other dog’s bum hole, never mind keeping him 6 foot apart. (Also, between you and me, I think he only understands the metric system).

Sneeze Into Your Elbow?

Do dogs have elbows? That may seem a silly question, but I am genuinely unsure. Are the front legs technically arms?

Sneeze Into Tissues and Then Throw Into A Bin?

I’ll be frank, if I could teach Trevor to use a bin, there is a long list of things I would tell him to put in there before I got to tissues. I don’t think there is anything I can teach him to do himself, this is a dog who still hasn’t quite worked out how to play fetch (he keeps forgetting to return the ball).

Wearing A Mask?

Okay, that’s just funny.

Coronavirus In Dogs

So, I did what everyone does in this day and age, and consulted the oracle of all knowledge, Google. After they made a few attempts to sell me guitar lessons, we got down to business. It seems dogs can get a coronavirus of some sort, and they can catch it from humans, but they don’t seem to spread back to humans themselves. (This is in no way legitimate medical or healthcare advice.)

So how can you tell if your dog has coronavirus? Will they whine and become a large man child (as per myself) or will they curl up on the couch with a box of tissues, and watch Netflix?

Apparently canine symptoms are different from humans. Dogs tend to have gastro problems, such as diarrhea, whereas us humans tend to have respiratory issues, like difficulty breathing, loss of taste and loss of smell (which is quite handy, as you don’t want to be smelling your dogs loose stools).

Luckily the virus seems to only really affect dogs with weak immune systems Trevor eats poop and drinks toilet water, so I think his immune system is pretty much up to standard at this point) and if your dog does get the virus, you are told to simply treat them as you would another human (which in Trevor’s case would actually be a HUGE step down).

Final Thoughts on COVID-19 And Pets

It seems, luckily, you do not need to pay any particular extra care towards your dog than we do our family when it comes to Covid, but if you really want to protect your pet from contracting the virus from humans, it might be time you take that annoying child of yours, with his sticky hands, drive him out to the woods, and let him be free. It may be better for everyone in the long run.

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