The Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

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Bark! Hello, there new friend. I’ve got some excellent information to share with you today. It’s information about the best robot vacuum for pet hair! Of all the vacuums out there robot vacuums are alive… I mean humans don’t even have to do anything and the vacuum beast is cruising around cleaning our fur!

Now in the world of robot vacuum cleaners, they are not all created equal, particularly when it comes to cleaning up after my people. They claim that the leaves come into the house on my long fur, but I do not think so. I think they bring it in. I will admit that I do leave my fur all over the house for them as presents. They do not all seem to appreciate it very much though. Anyway, back to vacuums. My favorite human has been doing some research on these robot vacuum beasts and I thought I would pass this fascinating research on to you.

Today it's all about the best robot vacuum for pet hair! Our humans don't even have to do anything and the vacuum beast is cruising around cleaning our fur!

The Bestest of the Best Robot Vacuums for Dog and Cat Hair

This article is part of our five part series on vacuums for doggies and kitties:

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Let’s take a look at the PHIYU A3V this little machine is pretty epic. It can sweep or mop! How sweet is that? I mean if my people don’t have to mop or vacuum then they can spend more time giving me cuddles. Win-Win right? It also comes with a smartphone app so you can control the beast, even while snuggling your furry friend. It also is good for pet hair. A drawback is that according to some reviews it might have issues getting back to its dock to recharge. Which could leave it stranded in the middle of the floor somewhere.

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ALBOHES Robot Vacuum

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Let’s move on to the ALBOHES robot vacuum beast. This is another vacuum/mop. Plus, it has the most intense suction of any of the vacuum beasts on this list! Now, that’s a fun fact. Downside? No smartphone app, but it has a remote. According to reviews, this unit is great for pet hair, dust, and is easy to clean. It seems like a pretty epic vacuum beast to me.

Dibea Upgraded Robot Vacuum

Next, we have the Dibea Upgraded Robot Vacuum. This one is cool because it is a different shape! All the others are round but this one is kind of like a “D.” It comes with little brushes on the sides to help get dust and fur out of corners. I think those might tickle if they rubbed on me… This vacuum beast is also a mop, so that’s a nice feature. It also comes with a remote and not an app. But it does have a voice-prompt! The unit also has an anti-tangle ability so it will not get caught in cords that might be on the floor. This vacuum beast also has a double filter so that less dust and dirt is released into the air! That’s always nice, then I don’t have to sneeze so much. There wasn’t much in the reviews about pet hair. One positive comment, but that’s about it. 

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Coredy Vacuum Robot

Moving right along, we now have the Coredy Vacuum Robot. This machine has the second strongest suction of any machines in this list. This vacuum beast has four different cleaning modes and a remote. No app. I believe that this vacuum also has the largest dust bin. That means less emptying. That is a great feature because then I don’t have to sneeze as often when it is emptied. Yes, I do have to have my face that close when the vacuum is emptied, I must make sure the humans do it right! According to reviews, this vacuum beast is great for pet fur! Though according to some reviewers fur might get caught in the roller and be a pain to get out. Most were very positive though. 

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iRobot Rumba 690

We now have the iRobot Rumba 690. This vacuum beast works with Alexa! That is a fun feature. This machine also has a three-stage cleaning system and dirt detect technology. That means that if the robot comes across a pile of my fur, after a luxurious petting session, it will sense the pile and clean it up! Oh, this one has an app that you can use from your smartphone too. That’s always easier to keep track of then another remote. You can create virtual walls too so that the vacuum beast won’t go in certain areas if you don’t want it to. This unit also has an auto-adjust cleaning head. So, when the vacuum changes from hardwood to carpet it adjusts, just like that. The majority of the reviews that mentioned pet hair were positive. Of course, some were not. The main reason stated for the vacuum beast not being good with pet hair is that the hair can get wrapped around the wheels and/or cleaning brush. But again, most were positive.

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The last robot vacuum on this list is the GOOVI. It has some pretty hefty suction and ranks third on this list for suction. It also, claims that it is great for all types of floors. Most of the reviewers stated that this is a great machine for pet hair!

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The Verdict On Robot Vacuums For Pet Hair

So, as an end to this informative post, let’s have a little review. Robot vacuum cleaners are awesome! Some are vacuums and mops, which is pretty nifty. Some come with a remote and some have smartphone apps. I think smartphone apps are a good idea as my humans never lose their phones but they lose TV remotes all the time. Most robot vacuum beast comes in a circle shape, but there are a few other shape options. They also have different suction levels which is a good thing to keep in mind.

The best thing about all robot vacuum beasts is that they save you time. Think about it, all the time that you spend vacuuming now… what would you do with that time if you were not vacuuming?! I can think of a few things that I would like my humans to spend time doing instead of vacuuming. Perhaps a long snuggle with a movie, or a walk, or some fun training for treats! 

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