The Best Harness for Control of Large Dogs

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I think that all of my fellow dogs should be able to enjoy daily walks (remember the poop bags!) with their humans. So I’m going to give you a few ideas of what to look for in a harness. These tips will help you find the best harness for control of large dogs.

Alll of my fellow dogs should be able to enjoy daily walks with their humans. These tips will help you find the best harness for control of large dogs.

Photo by Dominik Kempf on Unsplash

The Best Harness to Help You Control Your Large Dog Breed

I love my harness. When I was only walked with my leash attached to my collar I pulled my humans everywhere on a walk! Then they got me a harness and put that on me and I barely pull at all now. Occasionally, if there is a particularly good scent I’ll have to tug my humans over to it. It’s like the can’t even smell it! 

Anyway, I love going for walks especially now that I have a harness. Walks are so much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Perhaps you have not yet experienced this, though. Maybe, you avoid walking your dog because it is embarrassing to get dragged down the road or just plain dangerous to walk your dog with your current walking gear. You may have even considered a choke chain or prong collar. Ouch! Please, humans, this is not necessary with a harness and perhaps a little training. Humans and dogs can enjoy walkies together again. Without poking, choaking, or pulling.

What To Look For In A Harness

So what is something to look for in a good harness? Well first off a ring in the front of the harness to attach your leash too. You may be thinking “What? I thought all harnesses attached in the back!” Well, now they have a front ring on some harnesses. This is helpful because if you attach the leash to the front of the harness and your dog goes lunging in a direction they get turned around back to you. This works quite well for a lot of dog and human pairs. 

In one of my puppy training classes, I remember one of my classmates had a harness that the leash attached to in the front. Their humans took it a step further and ran the leash from the front ring, under my classmate’s front leg and then up into their hand. It seemed to work for them and give the humans a little more control. That might help you too.

The Back of the Harness

Another thing that might come in handy is a handle on the back of the harness. This can help for a little extra control in high traffic areas or when crossing a street. It can also be a nice thing to grab hold of if your furry friend gets distracted or frightened by something. 

It is also important to consider what the harness is made of. Mine is made of a nice messy fabric that is super breathable and dries fast. Harnesses that cover most of the chest are best if they have some mess so they aren’t too hot. 

Of course, be sure to get a harness of sturdy construction. The last thing you want is to be walking your dog one minute and the next, have them flying loss across the road after a squirrel because the harness was poorly made.

Let’s Shop For A Large Dog Harness!

Here are a few examples of good harnesses to help you have a little more control.

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Final Thoughts on Buying a Big Dog Harness

Let me know in the comments what your favorite harness is for your big doggy!

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