The Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

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Most of my fellow dogs and I do something that humans generally dislike. Even when they love us a lot. Can you guess what it is? Shed! We drop fur all over the place. Our fur can drift down to the basement, up on to the ceiling fans, and get stuck on all to upholstery, even if we aren’t allowed on the furniture. It truly is a wonder. 

There are ways to help alleviate some of the tension that our fur causes our humans. Vacuum cleaners. Today I’m going to talk to you about the best cordless vacuum for pet hair. But not just one! My girl found a few for you to check out. Why cordless vacuums? Because for some of my fellow dogs the cord can seem like a play toy. This is not safe for anyone involved. Personally, I have no interest in the cord. I prefer to lay right in the way, where my human is about to vacuum. 

Anyway, all of the vacuums we are about to discuss come with detachable wands so that you can use them either as a hand vac or for your whole floor. Pretty nice to get two in one. Plus, you can use the hand vac for places like the car or carpeted stairs.

Today I'm going to talk to you about the best cordless vacuum for pet hair. But not just one! My girl found a few for you to check out.

Best Cordless Vacuums For Dog and Cat Hair

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NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum

The NEQUARE cordless vacuum comes with an impressive amount of suction and claims to have the most suction of any cordless vacuum! Pretty exciting. More suction means more pet hair removed. This vacuum also comes with four different attachments to help you clean a variety of surfaces. It comes with an LED headlight so you can see what you are cleaning up even in darker areas, like under the table. This unit is very quiet which is nice for us dogs who are more sensitive to noise. It has a washable filter too.

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Hikeren Cordless Vacuum

Hikeren Cordless Vacuum, this unit has a slightly longer run time which could prove helpful. It has great suction, though not quite as strong as the NEQUARE. It comes with LED headlights as well which is pretty nice. The machine comes with two settings one with more suction for tougher messes and one for quick surface cleaning. It can swivel too! This makes cleaning in hard to reach places, like under the coffee table, much easier!

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SOWTECH Cordless Vacuum

Lastly, let’s cover the SOWTECH cordless vacuum. This unit has the longest run time of the three on this list. It comes with six different attachments to help you enhance your cleaning efficiency. It is also very quiet, again good for those who are noise sensitive. This vacuum comes with a stainless steel filter too. A pretty sweet vacuum.

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Last Thoughts on Buying a Cordless Vacuum For Pet Fur

Here are a few tips for finding a good cordless vacuum. Be sure to consider run time and how long it normally takes you to vacuum your space. Noise can be another consideration for those who are or have a furry friend that is sensitive to noise. Suction is of course super important. More suction is better for pet hair removal! Another possible consideration is attachments and what you need to clean your space most efficiently. 

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