Hoppy Easter, Everyone!

Hoppy Easter, Everyone!

Hoppy Easter! Here’s our cute little poem for you. Here comes Joe with no tail Hopping down the bunny trail Hippity hop

Luck 'o the Irish

Luck ’o the Irish

Apparently the Luck ‘o the Irish didn’t originate in Ireland, but here in the United States. I know that’s a true statement

Let's All Stay Home

Let’s All Stay Home

My daughter and her boyfriend are looking for a house, and they have discovered what many first home time buyers found out:

The First Time Is Special

The First Time Is Special

My daughter just turned 19 last month. For her birthday, her grandpa bought her a car. I know what you are thinking.

Getting My Act Together

Getting My Act Together

Finally getting my act together. These past two weeks, I’ve been getting my sh*t together. Which basically means that I’ve done stuff

Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021

A big shoutout to the new year. It’ll be better than the last. Welcome 2021! My Apologies … First, I wanted to

Zooming Is The New Normal

Zooming Is The New Normal

Like … all other students … my daughter is going to school online. She now does Zoom. Which means that zooming is

Happy Pupsgiving 2020

Happy Pupsgiving 2020!

Thanksgiving … er, I mean, Pupsgiving … was declared by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and eventually evolved to what we

small acts of kindness

Small Acts of Kindness

Let’s do some small acts of kindness for each other. Cuz no one else is gonna. In a million years, I never

NaNoWriMo Blues

NaNoWriMo Blues

This year was the first time that I will participate in NaNoWriMo. Okay, so that was a lie. I participated like a

Let's All Be Crabby - Eating crabs makes me crabby. Let's all be crabby together. Them pinchies are delicious.

Let’s All Be Crabby

Eating crabs makes me crabby. Let’s all be crabby together. Them pinchies are delicious. Move Over, Spongebob Squarepants During our trip to

Pictures On The Wall

Pictures On The Wall

We stayed at the Graduate Hotel during our short trip to Annapolis, MD. The hotel has this huge, five-story room that can

In my quest for being frugal, eco-conscious, and not gross, I wanted to see if I could find biodegradable bags for dog poop.

Biodegradable Bags for Dog Poop

Let’s talk about poop, baby. More specifically, let’s talk about my dog’s poop. You know what they say.* People never talk about

I love all the hilarious and funny dog memes out there that dog owners make up, so I gathered a bunch in one place to have a page that will make me laugh.

Funny Dog Memes

I love all the hilarious and funny dog memes out there that dog owners make up, so I had the MOM gather

As things are returning to normal from our covid lockdown, I wondered ... can dogs get the coronavirus? Can dogs pass the virus to humans or other animals? #joepawdog#bostonterrier#bostonterriers #bostie#bostonterriersrule#bostonterrieroverload#bostonterrierlife#bostonterriernation#bostonterriercult#bostonterriersforever#ボステリ#보스턴테리어 #bostonterrier_feature#ilovemybostonterrier #ilovemyboston#bostonterrierpuppy #btcult#americangentleman#btlove#bt #flatnosedogsociety#bostonterrierlove #buhi#ibostonterrier#bostonterrierforever#squishyfacecrew#bostonsofinstagram#bostonterriersofig#bostagram#bostonterriersofinstagram

Can Dogs Get The Coronavirus?

It has been a tough time over the last few months. Lock downs, job losses, Call of Duty Mobile stopped supporting Zombie

Dog dental wipes are a great alternative to brush your dog's teeth. Just like in humans, taking care of your dog's teeth prevents tooth & gum disease. #joepawdog #doggrooming #grooming #dentaldiseases #periodontal #dentist #oralcare #doggycare #doghealth

Best Dog Dental Wipes

I hate getting my teeth brushed, even though my slaves have brushed them since I was a puppy.  But I like dog