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My Life With Joe - Let It Go

My Life With Joe
After about six months, we finally bid on a house. And someone liked us enough to want to sell us a house.* So we moved (which is why I’ve been late on all of my writing, including this newsletter). So first off, my apologies, dear reader. Second, I’ve learned that sometimes, when faced with a lot to do, you just have to prioritize. As Elsa from Frozen sings, Let It Go.
* I’m fairly certain that they just liked our money. Although, you can’t deny Joe’s stunning personality.
Joe's stunning personality is what really got us this house. He can't let that go.
Joe's stunning personality is what really got us this house. He can't let that go.
The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
The trickiest part of the move was that I needed to convince my teenage daughter to leave her room. I’m not quite sure what the fascination is that she spends about 99% of her life in there, but I can hear her giggling a lot when I pass her door. So something must be amusing … I venture to guess it has to do with Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, or one of the various new social media platforms that I haven’t got a clue about.
I did manage to have a teenage sighting on the day of our move, although that might have been a legend like a Big Foot sighting or UFO sightings.** After that initial rush of movement, the real issue began. That’s the “tidying up” part, as I like to call it. For those of you who have moved, you may know what I am talking about. This is the part of the move where you are about 90% done, but a few straggler boxes and objects still remain to (a) either pack up and load into the Mom-Station Wagon, or (b) unpack from said Station Wagon.
The day of our move:
Me: Honey, make sure to take out your laundry baskets out of my car.
Honey: Okay.
*Honey rolls her eyes at me, because, like, she has foreeeever to get that stuff out of my car.*
The next day:
Me: Honey, you need to get the stuff out of my car. I need to pack some more stuff up.
Honey: Okay.
*Honey is using the teenage-girl-tone of voice, which is to say, Mom, you are as dumb as an amoeba.*
The day after:
Me: Honey, get your stuff out of my car.
Honey: Sheesh, I told you I would.
*I’m not quite sure Honey is listening to me because she is also giggling at a Tik Tok video and just briefly paused to give me a look that I’m less intelligent than the day before.*
The day after that, I drive to work.
*Ring, ring*
Me: Hello?
My daughter’s prioritizing skills in motion, folks.
** I texted her that date and time.
The Book Promos
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